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The end of Democracy

But they cried out,
Away with him, away with him.
crucify him...........
Then delivered he him therefore
unto them to be crucified....

"A Democracy is nothing more than mob rule,
where fifty-one percent of the people
may take away the rights of the
other fourty-nine percent."
Thomas Jefferson

" Democracy is a pathetic belief in the
collective wisdom of individual ignorance."

The word "democracy" comes from the Greek, demos, the    people, and kratein, to rule. " Democracy" therefore means "the people rule " or more accurately stated, " to rule the people " . The three quotes above are relevant, they indicate the true meaning of democracy.  Contrary to the common belief that  democracy is something to strive for, democracy is part of the curse that rules the world. Democracy is the only way a dominantly irrational society can function.

There can be no democracy unless there is division. Without a multi party system there can be no democracy.
Democracy and politics are closely related. Politics is the process used by groups of people to make decisions. The decision making process takes place by counting heads. The majority head count is what rules.  In addition,  the system of government is also subject to the constitution of that government. The constitution outlines the ground rules under which all decisions are made. As a rule the constitution cannot be altered, unless a two thirds majority headcount approves of the changes.

Democracy is based on the principle of rule. It is a fallacy to believe that democracy is a system whereby the people, the collective, are served. When election time comes, the politicians  manipulate the  masses to vote for them, by making all kinds of empty promises. After they are elected, politicians exercise their powers in order line their own pockets, by catering to groups or individuals, that have vested business(money making schemes), in operation. Corruption becomes the order of the day, and the vicious circle continues on it's merry way.

Democracy is presently the buzz word in South Africa. The pronunciation, here, is with the emphasis on 'cracy', which gives the word a different connotation. Demo crazy will be more appropriate. The general belief is that the system of government became a democracy in 1994, and that South Africa is now a system freed from autocratic(despotic) rule. This perception is far removed from the reality. In reality democracy is a means whereby the masses are  manipulated. The only difference between the old "apartheid" system, and the present system, is that the  exclusion of certain groups in the political process , is no more practiced.

The corruption of the present world system is now being exposed, and a major transformation from an irrational system, to a rational system of living, is coming soon. First we need to go through the identity crisis that is inevitable.

Update: 10 December 2015

Jacob Zuma the President of South Africa, has  just fired his Minister of Finance Nhlanhla Nene, who was only in office for a short period of time. Nene was terminated for his attempt to practice fiscal restraint in these difficult times. He was concerned with the following planned expenditures which President Zuma has up his sleeve:

a) A private jet for the President.
b) Coming to the rescue of South African Airways which is bankrupt.
c) The planned Nuclear Power Station Project which  will cost South Africa trillions of rands, and can only be described as a risky pipe dream that will ruin the country. 
d) To compensate for the over expenditure of his private residence Inkantla.

President Zuma has already appointed a new Minister of Finance, David van Rooyen, who will most surely conform with the present corrupt system.

The President sees himself as a Zulu King who can do whatever he wants with impunity, under the guise of 'Democracy'. Corruption is rampant in South Africa, a perfect example of how 'Democracy' rules the peoples of the world. The end of 'Democracy' is coming soon. The curse will surely be removed.