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ScoutWeb South Africa
Home of the South African Scout Association
Last Checked : 4/8/2001 11:33:16 PM

SD e'Afrika Consultants SA
Sustainable Development and Environmental Consultants
Last Checked : 9/8/2002 8:08:17 PM

The Endangered Wildlife
Conserving Africa's wildlife heritage and environment - programmes on vultures, eagles, cranes.
Last Checked : 10/1/1998 6:08:34 AM

The Rhino and Elephant Foundation
Wildlife conservation - in Africa, for Africa. Especially rhinoceros and elephants.
Last Checked : 10/1/1998 6:13:06 AM

The Squirmy Wormz Farm
Learn About Composting With Worms
Last Checked : 11/25/2000 3:10:36 PM

The Wilderness Trust
Wildlife and environmental education in South Africa. Conservation awareness trainining Lapalala.
Last Checked : 10/1/1998 6:14:49 AM

Vervet Monkey Foundation
Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation Sanctuary
Last Checked : 3/8/1997 6:07:19 PM

Welcome to S.A. VETS
Gillits Vetrinary hospital and Summerveld Equine Hospital
Last Checked : 6/26/2001 3:32:37 PM

White Shark Research Institute
Concerned with White Shark concervation, research, education, diving etc.
Last Checked : 1/24/1998 1:09:06 PM

Working for Water programme
Overview of the programme - a multi-departmental initiative led by the DWAF
Last Checked : 7/7/2000 9:45:26 AM