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Van Vuuren & Associates (PTY) LTD
VVA is a client-server systems development company.
Last Checked : 7/29/1998 9:55:13 AM

Vision Software
Premier South African Gaming Company
Last Checked : 4/5/1997 3:43:08 PM

Vizual Business Tools
Last Checked : 8/12/1999 9:40:35 PM

Website Solutions
This website will lead you to the only website audits tools available in South Africa
Last Checked : 8/8/2001 1:31:57 PM

Full Business management suite
Last Checked : 9/28/2000 10:16:30 PM
Time, Attendance and Access Control Systems
Last Checked : 8/29/1999 6:44:16 PM

The best flight simulator out there
Last Checked : 10/31/2003 11:20:13 PM