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Pretoria Software Solutions
Software company supporting and supplying software for the UNISYS market
Last Checked : 2/12/1997 3:41:24 PM

Pro Solutions
Last Checked : 1/7/1997 1:40:45 PM

Pro Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Customised Software Engineers
Last Checked : 10/3/1996 9:43:29 AM

Proteus S.A.
Supply Chain Management and Financial Software
Last Checked : 5/6/1998 4:25:03 PM

Quality Business Consultants - QBCon
QBCon is a software development house that provides clients with custom developed software applications as well as off-the-shelf computer software products. All QBCon's off-the-shelf software products are fully customisable according to the client'
Last Checked : 10/18/2007 2:17:36 PM

rental and point of sale software
It is a fully-fledged multi-user Windows application that has gone through many technical evolutions making it durable and powerful. The operator is able to work with more than one customer at a time handling rentals and sell-thru items on the same receip
Last Checked : 5/1/2005 1:53:24 PM

RJ Graphic & Software Development
Software and Graphic Development for all purposes
Last Checked : 12/2/2002 12:06:37 AM

help with software and hardware
Last Checked : 2/17/2001 12:22:44 AM

SA Dynamic Computer Solutions
Tips to Computer Buyers, Price Lists
Last Checked : 9/18/1996 9:27:19 PM

SA Poker Portal
Get The Most Advanced Poker Odds Calculator And You Will Instantly Play Smarter And Win More Money at Online Poker!
Last Checked : 8/24/2007 10:41:04 AM

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