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IBT - WEBserv
WebServ enables you to quickly and simply build your own professional-looking website, complete with pictures, links, e-mail addresses, contact us, help pages - everything you could possibly need. Including free Internet access for South African residents
Last Checked : 10/22/2003 12:40:08 PM

Services Integration Networks
Last Checked : 5/17/1999 5:48:33 PM

IIR Technology (SA)
One of the world's leaders in Information Technology training.
Last Checked : 7/23/1996 12:09:42 PM

Imperative Technology
We specialize in Data Recovery all over South Africa and globally. IT Training, Web design and IT Consulting.
Last Checked : 9/25/2002 2:25:58 PM

In Words
Technical writing and documentation solutions
Last Checked : 8/2/2004 8:30:47 PM

Incredible Connection
Largest Computer Retailer
Last Checked : 2/21/2002 12:21:10 PM

Info on Technology and Online Advertising/Designin
Technology-Computers-I-pod-Video recording on pc-Photo editing-DVD Decrypting-Online Advertising-Online Web designing.
Last Checked : 12/23/2004 10:06:23 AM

Infolinc SMS Services
Email-to-SMS based engine for your corporate and bulk messaging solutions
Last Checked : 10/3/2001 4:27:46 PM

Website Design, Website Hosting, Search Engine Marketing, Ecommerce, Database design, Email services, Domains, BAck up.
Last Checked : 7/13/2004 4:04:28 PM

Interiority Computer Solutions
Computer solutions specialising in the needs of small businesses and NGOs. We also assist residential users. Project Management, web development, tech support, media services including writing, editing and DTP.
Last Checked : 1/5/2005 4:53:07 PM

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