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Welcome to our Gateway to South African web sites. Feel free to browse and visit these web sites.

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GardeNet Internet Access
GardeNet's Internet services
Last Checked : 4/20/1997 11:38:24 PM

Gareth's Homepage
Visual Basic, ActiveX Controls, DHTML, HTML, JavaScript, Web Design and more!
Last Checked : 12/1/1999 8:43:00 PM

Gateway Internet
Gateway Internet - 24 hour permanent high speed broadband internet service provider
Last Checked : 4/29/2003 8:36:06 AM

GDI's World
everything about GDI, his likes, dislikes and generally everything you'd wanna know about him
Last Checked : 11/3/2003 2:49:40 PM

Genisys WebVisible Web Server
The NEW Web Services company !
Last Checked : 11/20/1996 11:51:19 PM

Global Electronic Messaging
no information available
Last Checked : 7/23/1996 12:18:22 PM

Global Internet Access
no information available
Last Checked : 7/23/1996 12:18:23 PM

Global Risk Assessments, Inc. Home Page
no information available
Last Checked : 11/23/1996 5:08:05 AM

Globalzone Internet Services Provider
Internet, Email, Hosting, Website Development
Last Checked : 7/28/2012 10:31:18 AM

Handicraft Institute Info Service
Information Serice for the Hobbyist, craftsman, designer
Last Checked : 10/8/1998 7:54:18 AM

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