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Humusha Languages - Translating language, Proofrea
Humusha Languages - Translation, Proofreading, CopyWriting, Editing & Translating languages such as english, french, spanish, portuguese, etc...
Last Checked : 2/18/2004 12:11:18 PM

Hydroscan - NDT and Ship Inspection Services Inter
Ship inspection services including non destructive testing, flaw detection, crack detection, calibra
Last Checked : 8/12/1998 11:06:07 AM

Hyundai Cars
Group1 Hyundai, South Africa - great Hyundai prices, service, parts and quality. The place to go for your next Hyundai in SA.
Last Checked : 7/28/2011 9:10:40 AM

IIR Technology South Africa
World leader in I.T. training, conferences, exhibitions
Last Checked : 10/7/1996 6:04:28 PM

Improve you sales!
Programme designed to maximise the results from your sales channels
Last Checked : 6/27/1998 12:17:12 PM

Incompass Financial Services
Incompass local and offshore financial services, information, latest news, offshore jobs, taxation advice, international investments & banking, tools & utilities for South Africans working abroad.
Last Checked : 6/9/2004 2:00:47 AM

Independent Forensic Ballistic Expert
Offers a range of unique services ,crime scene analysis,investigations, fingerprints, etc.
Last Checked : 10/6/1998 3:13:54 PM

Independent Quality Services
Quality Management Consultants based in KwaZulu Natal.
Last Checked : 12/17/2000 10:16:40 PM

Industrial and domestic pest control
De- Pester's services to industry and home makers and about the company itself.
Last Checked : 6/27/2004 9:50:51 PM

Industrial Automation and Instrumentation
Automation and Instrumentation company based in Cape Town South Africa
Last Checked : 3/13/2001 12:37:59 PM

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