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The Revelation of the Son of Man
( The Marriage Supper )

                                                                                                              It is written

                                  " And as it was in the days of No'e, so shall it
  be also in the days of the Son of man. "
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Questions  and Answers


Who are the two witnesses(anointed ones) ?


The two anointed ones are the two witnesses, the  Saviour and the Leader. The Saviour came the first time in order to bring about a means whereby natural man could be converted, and the Leader has come in order to bring about a means whereby natural man is judged.

The Saviour(Jesus-Yeshua) is the written word, and the Leader(Duke) is the spoken word. The Saviour and the Leader are one,  they are the The Faithful Two Witnesses. They laid the foundation of the temple, and they will now finish the work.

The prophecy spoken of in the book of Revelation Chapter 11 took place in America(San Antonio) from the 1st of December 1984, and came to an end on the 13th of May 1988. During this time I carried the new testament (written word) in my top shirt pocket, I was clothed in sackcloth(black).

We are now in the time of judgment, the time to bring in the


Is there any reference in the Old Testament to confirm the fifth and the sixth trumpets ? ( The first four trumpets were  historical at the time of the Revelation of Saint John - The seven trumpets refer to natural man's existence. )


Yes, the fifth trumpet is confirmed by Psalm 40. You will notice that Psalm 40 has 17 verses. The Son of man was conceived on the 1st day of September 1939, when the second world war was declared, and nine months later, on the 17th May 1940, the Son of man was physically born in Benoni (son of sorrows) South Africa. The declaration is made in Psalm 40:7 " Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me. "

The sixth trumpet is confirmed by Psalm 84:9 Behold, O God our shield, and look upon the  face of thine anointed " The two witnesses (written word and the spoken word) prophesy for 1260 days starting on the 1st December 1984.

Note: In addition to the above reference there are four  other pointers  to the sixth  trumpet. The one that will be the most appealing to the scribes is Daniel's seven week prophecy.( See Daniel 9:25 )
The seven weeks are converted to 2520 years. (360X7 = 2520) This period refers to the time period from when Jerusalem was destroyed 607 BC, and  the order was given to restore Jerusalem 537 BC, until the Son of man appeared (1984) and commenced his prophecy, announcing that the final judgment is coming soon.


What about the last trump ?


The two witnesses were resurrected on the 17 th May  2004
Seventy five days later, (1335-1260), on the 31st of July  2004, the world was judged , this is the final judgment. We are now in the time of the final judgment, the gathering  of the saints.


What about the Psalms end time prophecies ?


The Psalms end time prophecies indisputably confirm the three last trumpets, as well as the White Throne judgment of 2017.


The FIFTH TRUMPET(1940): The year the Son of man was born. Read Psalm 40:7, the chapter has 17 verses, the day the birth took place.
The SIXTH TRUMPET(1984) Read Psalm 84:9, the year the Son of man started his prophecy, the chapter has 12 verses, the month that the prophecy started.
The SEVENTH TRUMPET(2004) Read Psalm 104:35 the year the world was judged, the chapter has 35 verses, the day in which the judgment took place.(See Daniel 12:12).
The WHITE THRONE judgment(2017) Read Psalm 117, the shortest Psalm, has two verses. February the shortest month, see Luke 17:30, read Revelation 16:17-18(earthquake = shock).

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