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" Two plus two is five"
 George Orwell (1984)

I remember seeing a cartoon showing a tombstone with "1984" engraved on it. The implied message was that 1984 came and went, without any significance, laying to rest George Orwell's dire predictions of what to expect in 1984.

I have a message for the cartoonist. Orwell's " 1984 " and Rand's " Atlas Shrugged ", are the two most prophetic books of recent times. Orwell's book accurately predicted the year that was to be the beginning of the end, of the present world system. Rand's book describes the, second coming of the
Son of man
exposing this corrupt world.

In a previous message I mentioned how Orwell frequently mentioned how the system uses coercion, by repeating that " two plus two is five " . The reaction by most people to this statement is that it cannot happen. What Orwell was saying is that there is something wrong with the system, and that we conform, because we are coerced.

Those of you that have read my message, " word play " , know that when natural man speaks, he always lies. When natural man says 'two plus two is four', it actually means " two plus two is five. " This means that the system is actually promoting the idea that two plus two is five.

How does the system promote this lie ? Draw a number line and assume that zero is a valid number. Start numbering the line from 'zero', and then end the line with the number, 'four'.

   System         '0'    '1'    '2'    '3'    '4'
Reality 1 2 3 4 5
This example also clearly shows how natural man has distorted the numbers. Now it is clear why Orwell wrote that the world promotes the idea that : 'two plus two is five'.

" In a time of universal deceit -
 telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
 (George Orwell)