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( Judgment Day )

" Where have ye laid him "..
   ..."Take ye away the stone."

Here is a short summary of what happened at Hertzogville on the 31st July 2004.

On the 31st July 2004 I was called to Hertzogville for the glory of my Father who is in Heaven. On arrival at 9:40 am.,  I entered a small cafe and immediately began to tell the local people who I am, and what my purpose was in Hertzogville.  I told them that Paul Meintjies would be raised up to the glory of God, and for the glorification of his Son. I told them clearly that today was the day of judgment.

At the time I also requested to see Mr. Nico Foulds, the local undertaker. The lady at the table, was so kind as to look for him and told me that he was busy at the time. I asked the lady to tell him to be on standby for the day, so that I could enter the mortuary at the appropriate time. At the time the lady gave Mr. Foulds my message she also gave me Nico's cell number in case I wanted to contact him.

While talking to the locals I was approached by two members of the E-News television team. I repeated what I had told the local people and told them that that Paul Meintjies would come alive before the sun sets that day. They then did interview me on camera, using a local man(Hannes), and his wife to question me for the interview.

Some time later Nico did arrive and I had a brief conversation with him. I requested him to go across the street and ask the Meintjies family and the prophet, David Francis, if they would be prepared to talk to me. He obliged and when he returned he told me that it was not possible, as it was their sabbath.

Hertzogville was quiet and it seemed to be just another day in the life of a small Free State town. The E-News couple was the only people I saw from the media, and I noticed that they spent time interviewing various local people. I moved my car to the front of the Meintjies house and remained in the car hoping that they the (Meintjies family) would invite me in.

The E-News team left town at approximately 3.40 pm. After they left I got in my car and went to look for the mortuary. While looking, a man approached me saying that I had spoken to his wife earlier and that they would like me to be their guest at their in-law's house. I accepted and had some tea with the family. I was also told that I was welcome to sleep over at their house if need be. After briefly outlining to them what was taking place, they asked me if it would be in order if they came to the mortuary to see what happened. I said I had no objection and left for the mortuary at about 4:40pm.

After driving around a while I arrived at the mortuary at about 4.50. I SMSed the undertaker, Nico, to come to his office. After waiting a while I asked The Father to raise up Paul Meintjies to the glory of God and so that His Son can be glorified. I had no access to the the building and stood in front of the door.

In the meantime the family that invited me for tea, a man, wife and three children, had arrived and where standing on the corner of the street opposite the mortuary. I approached the man and asked him to come with me to fetch Nico the undertaker. We drove to his house and after knocking on the door for some time, there was no reply. I noticed that the TV was on. We returned to the mortuary and waited until sunset. After sunset I took the family home and returned to Bloemfontein.

The family that accompanied me is the only glimmer of hope I saw in this dark and ugly world that is now falling apart. Paul Meintjies was left to die his second death in an ice box.

" ......Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh,
 shall he find faith on the earth ? "

Addendum: 6/12/2014

Hertzogville(Dukesville) is the fulfillment of Daniel's  prophecy Chapter 12:12. The 1335 days is derived from the 1260 days with reference to 17 May 2004, plus 75 days ending on 31 July 2004, the day the world was judged.  


Here is a transcript of the Hertzogville TV interview from
the documentary: "Arise! The Story of a Town".

The end of the month arrived, and with it an    unexpected twist.

I am the faithful witness. I am here to raise up Paul Meintjies. Today is judgment day. It is the last day.

A man arrived from the Cape.  In the local coffee shop he explained his role to skeptical town folk.

Who will raise him, uncle or the prophet?(sub-script)

The role of the prophet was to make sure that Paul Meintjies was not buried. That was his role. That is the role that he had to play. Now the time has come for Paul Meintjies to rise, so that the world may know that the Father has sent me to judge the world. Those who reject me, are condemned. I come in the name of my Father who has sent me.

Jesus was buried, why couldn't uncle Paul be buried. Surely he can be raised from the grave?(sub-script)

Everything that is happening is happening to the glory of God, and it is not for me to question why it's not....
It is written, if you look in the book of Revelation, it is written that the body will not be buried.

The faithful witness spent most of the day sleeping in his car in front of the Meintjies home. The family and the prophet refused to see him. He later tells us that he did go to the morgue and did raise  Meintjies from the dead. He however blames the undertaker for not unlocking the morgue door.
This of course caused the resurrected Meintjies to promptly freeze again, and die,.... again.

End of E-TV documentary interview.

Addendum 15 September 2015

Summary of events Associated with my Return

1. The prophecy(promise) of my return and judgment - John 14:3
2. Conception 1939 birth 17-5-1940 Benoni(son of sorrows) South Africa - Rev 9:1 My new name Rev 19:12( the first four trumpets are history, can you identify them? ) 
3. Period between my return and my first appearance 1/2 hour (1940 -1984) dateline root calculation - Rev 8:1
4. My flight to San Antonio Texas where the 1260 day prophecy was to take place, the woman giving birth to "man child". Rev 12: 5-14
5. My appearance and beginning of 1260 day prophecy of the end time - The two witnesses (Rev 9:13 - 10 and 11) have one name, Word of God, written Word/Saviour and the spoken Word/Leader  1-12-1984 ( 4 indicators + exact date indicator ) date is One Week (7x360=2520) years(537bc to 1984) Daniel 9:27
6. End of my prophecy 13-5-1988 - I walk down Via Dolorosa San Antonio to my Crucifixion(symbolic death) - Rev 11:7
7. Period between my death and my resurrection(second appearance) 16 years - Rev 14:20  -  Resurrection date
17- 5 - 2004 confirmed by my cell # 073 2045170 as well as the day of judgment.
8. Final day of judgment of the world 31- 7 - 2004 (1335 days = 1260 + 75 days) 17 - 5 - 2004 to 31 - 7 - 2004 - Daniel 12:12
9. Revelation of the Son of man(Leader)Luke 17:30 
All stand before the final judgment seat.