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The Only Evil on Earth
(The Real Terrorist)

Everything that is wrong with this world,
comes from the corrupted mind of man,
who is the anti Christ.

The state of the human mind is an absolute. Every individual who reads this message can only have one of two mindsets, a rational mindset or an irrational mindset. Those individuals who are so unfortunate to be caught up in between, are disorientated, and are usually institutionalized. To be rational, or to be irrational, is a state of mind. The modus operandi of an rational mindset(Believer), is totally different from that of a irrational mindset(conformist).

The words "rational" and "reason" are derived from the word "ratio", meaning "a reckoning", a "fixed" relation .To be more specific, the relationship between the whole and the part. Reason means the ability to draw conclusions in a specific manner, a process of the mind that is reasonable. As a noun, "reason", means "justification".

The rational mindset functions on the principle of all,and part of all. There is a connection (ratio)  between part of the whole, and the whole. The irrational mindset separates the part from the whole, so that the 'part' becomes a new(fabricated) entity, a fantasy. When man loses his identity, his mindset changes from rational to irrational. He becomes disconnected from reality and he fabricates his own 'reality'. A person who is separated from reality is referred to as a deluded person, he then suffers under his own delusion(fantasy).

When a person is born, he is born with a rational mindset, he is uncorrupted, without blemish. Unfortunately soon after birth the individual identifies with one of his parents, and he loses his identity, his mindset changes, from rational to irrational. This fall from grace happens to all, and once it has taken place, our minds are open to be programmed to conform to the corrupted world we live in. Being part of the corrupted world, irrational man by default, defends his world with all his might. In reality he is defending his own  identity. He becomes a devout conformist.

The world we now live in, is a product of the irrational mindset. Everything that is wrong with this world comes from irrational man. The only evil on earth is the irrational mindset. Natural man has bungled up this world beyond comprehension. Everything that is programmed into the mind of irrational man is distorted, falsified. When i say everything , I mean everything. Everything from basic arithmetic to advanced mathematics, everything form elementary science to quantum mechanics, everything that is taught in our schools and universities; history, psychology, economics, sociology, biology ...... etc. Everything has been falsified. We live in a fantasy world that cannot be sustained. The world as we know it is now falling apart, coming to an end.

The sad part about a deluded person is that such a person cannot know that he is deluded. If he knew that he is deluded, it follows that he is not deluded, a contradiction, rendering the word "deluded" meaningless. A deluded person cannot know anything, least of all that he is irrational. The ONLY way a deluded person can restore his rationality, is for such a person to accept in FAITH that he is deluded. Once he acknowledges in faith that he is deluded, it opens the door for transformation,  restoration.