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"Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool" (Plato)

“Everything is good as it leaves the hands of the Author of things; everything degenerates in the hands of man.” Jean- Jacques Rousseau 

'Education' is the process whereby the world system promotes and reinforces irrationality; separation. Natural man has a need to be 'educated', to be programmed, like a computer, he cannot function without a program. 'Education' is coercive, it imposes false information onto individuals.

As I mentioned in my letter, the 'education' of natural man starts very early in his life. Once the shift has taken place, usually within the first year of life, the blackboard is ready for 'education'. From this point onward the individual becomes a slave to the world's 'education' system. He becomes indoctrinated.

Generally speaking the more 'educated' a person is, the more committed he is to promoting and maintaining the world system. Most of the 'developed' countries have a  'free' school 'education' system. The idea that a 'good education' makes a 'better' individual is widely held, a fallacy that is also prevalent amongst some believers.

In supporting the world system, the individual is supporting his false identity. It is in his own self interest to become better 'educated'. Those who are well 'educated', enjoy positions of high standing, they are usually highly paid, and enjoy many privileges that are not afforded to the less 'educated'. 'Education' is imposed on the people of this world by  coercing society to conform.

" It is sad but true that most of the worst atrocities perpetrated on mankind, originated from the boardrooms of the highly 'educated'. In his book entitled: " Understanding the present " , Bryan Appleyard quotes Hugh Thomas, who wrote the following: " The country with the best education for the longest, the nation with the most serious preoccupation with learning, the people with the highest literacy in the world in the eighteenth century were the authors of Auschwitz."

Appleyard continues: " People and their bodies, living and dead, were used for experiments. There were live medical experiments in the concentration camps and, outside, psychiatrists and doctors selected subnormals, schizophrenics, manic depressives and alcoholics first to be sterilized and later killed. Neurologists then used the bodies for research and their findings were solemnly published in scientific journals."

To educate(learn), means to impose false information, which has  been ' learned ' by the previous generation, onto the present generation, by natural man. Education is subjective, a vicious circle that maintains second hand knowledge, false information, derived from the delusional mindset of natural man.

The question that comes to mind then, is how do we transfer wisdom(objective knowledge), acquired  by the previous generation, to the present generation? We do it by means of excovery. Excovery is a new word which I have coined,  which is derived from the new verb, "excover". The word excover, in turn, is derived from, "explore"  and "discover",  and can be defined as follows:

To excover  is to explore  nature(reality), with the purpose of discovering  the real world we live in. Excovery belongs to spiritual man. That which has been excovered, remains permanent, it is objective.

A practical example of  the difference between 'education' and "excovery" will explain the difference between these two words for Believers. Natural man cannot accept this explanation, it threatens his identity(delusion):

Education: The student enters the math classroom and is told that today he is going to learn a very important theorem, the Pythagorean theorem. The teacher writes the following on the blackboard: AB^2 + BC^2 = AC^2. He then shows the student  the  conventional skewed diagram of  3^2 + 4^2 = 5^2, as an example, to 'prove' the theorem. He is told to memorize this theorem, because it illustrates  that the sum of the squares(areas) of the sides of a rectangle, are equal to the square(area) of the diagonal. He is told to memorize the theorem which Pythagoras formulated, so that he will know it from memory, when exam time comes. The student learns the theorem like a parrot, and passes his math exam.

Excovery: The student enters the math classroom and is told that today he is going to discover a very important theorem, the Pythagorean theorem. The teacher draws the following diagram on the blackboard:

He then explains that according to the Pythagorean theorem the surface area of the large square(yellow, green, blue, purple triangles),   is equal to the sum of the surface areas of the two smaller squares( yellow, green, blue, purple triangles). After exploring the diagram for a while the student discovers that the Pythagorean theorem is true(real). The student's common sense has helped him to excover the theorem.

The teacher will then go on to show the student how the theorem can be verified with numbers, {AB^2 + 1} + {BC^2 +1} = AC^2 + 1, by making the surface areas real, with the help of the Pythagorean theorem, which the student has just excovered.

In addition the teacher can now show the student the principle of rational numbers. The surface area of the large square is the whole 290/290, which is One(1), the small square which is 145/290, which is 1/2,  as well as the surface area of the triangle, which is 1/4. The surface areas are finite, and together make up the whole, which is One. The student has now also excovered the rational numbering system.

Something else which is also now revealed to the student, is the origin of the ' black hole ' concept. A black hole is derived from the idea that irrational numbers are real numbers. In this example the 1/4(rational number) value for the triangle, will be replaced by the irrational(improper fraction) 145/2. The black triangle in the first diagram represents the idea of a black hole, a two dimensional triangle without substance, a fabrication of the irrational mindset.