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End Of The Debate
( Between Science and the Gospel )

" But the natural man receiveth not

the things of the Spirit of God,
for they are foolishness unto him. "


This essay brings to an end the debate between those who believe that the message according to the gospel can be reconciled with science, and those who believe that science and the gospel are contradictory. Any debate implies uncertainty, when a debate therefore comes to an end, so does the uncertainty that generates the debate. Modern science and the message according to the gospel are irreconcilable. Henceforth I will refer to deluded man as natural man, and to transformed man, as spiritual man.


The message according to the gospel is clear. Unless natural man is born again, unless his rationality is restored, he remains deluded. Spiritual man is natural man resurrected. Man comes into this world with an intact mind, the new born baby is a spiritual being. Soon after birth the infant dies spiritually, his mind is deluded, corrupted, he falls from grace and becomes a natural person. Unless he is resurrected he will remain spiritually dead.
This is the message according to the gospel.


The transition from natural man to spiritual man is referred to as transformation or conversion. Transformation is the restoration of reason to the irrational mindset. The process of transformation has two elements; confession and restoration. The minute natural man confesses in faith that he is deluded, the door is opened for transformation. It is important to know that confession and faith go hand in hand. Natural man cannot know that he is deluded, that he lives in a fantasy world, if he knew, it would mean that he is not deluded. Restoration is a very painful in the sense that unless we die to our fantasy world, it is not possible for us to be "born again", to become spiritual beings. Confession therefore leads to conversion, the restoration of reason.


Transformation can come about the easy way, through faith, or the difficult way, out of desperation. It seems that most transformations take place in desperation. The individual is down and out, in the gutter, only then does he "give up", and acknowledges that his whole life is a sham. On the other hand if a person accepts in faith that his mind is corrupted, it opens the door, without him having to go through all the suffering that brings him to the gutter. The main stumbling block for natural man is pride, most individuals are too prideful to accept in faith that they are deluded.


The present world we live in is a product of natural man, irrational man. It means that all the so called knowledge that we have gathered from the beginning of 'civilization', is falsified information. This means that our present world, is a pseudo world, removed from the real world. This is the reason why the world is in such a mess. Everything that is wrong with this present world is a product of natural man. The house we have built has no foundation, it is standing on sand, it is now collapsing, whether we believe it or not.


We have now reached a point in time where it has become necessary to re-publish information which has been systematically withdrawn and ignored in the past. Information that has been censored by natural man. Publications such as: Herbert Dingle's, "Science at the crossroads"; Morris Kline's, "Mathematics: The loss of certainty"; George Berkley's "The analyst"; George Orwell's novel, "1984"; Ayan Rand's novel, "Atlas Shrugged", to mention only a few. We have reached the end of a crooked line, there can be no more secrecy about matters that affect each and every individual on earth. Reality is not debatable. Natural man is at the"crossroad's",  he has had his day, his time is up.


It is difficult to imagine the extent of the damage done by natural man. We will examine the process of falsification, however before we do that, we need to see why the bogus information system has survived for so long. Because natural man is deluded, the world as he knows it is an extension of himself. Natural man's identity is reflected in his world. By protecting his imaginary world, he protects his false identity. The two systems that has worked together to maintain the bogus world system, is education, and mass communication. Education is the process whereby the delusion is reinforced during the formal years, and mass communication is the process by which the delusion is maintained in adulthood.


The advent of the Internet, ushered in the the demise of the dissemination of false information. The information highway has brought an end to censorship. Censorship is the process which prevents wisdom from reaching the masses. The personal computer together with the INTERNET have opened the floodgates of uncensored information. For the first time in the history of mankind, freedom of information is a reality. Not so long ago this message would have been prevented from reaching your eyes. No longer is it possible for natural man to protect his false identity, the information highway has opened the door for the unscrupulous dissemination of the truth.


The end of secrecy has opened the door that will bring about the collective transformation of the corrupt world system. The coming new dispensation is going to differ radically from what we have today. Everything is going to be made new. The rational mindset, is going to replace the irrational mindset, as the dominant mindset. Spiritual man is going to bring about the healing of the nations, a total transformation of the world system. Unfortunately it seems that we will have to go through a major world crisis to bring about the change, natural man will resist change with all the power that he has at his disposal.


The falsification of reality is an on going process that dates back to the beginning of history. Through the ages a small number of spiritual individuals attempted to expose the superficial system, however at the time, it was all in vain. Natural man was able to suppress all information that threatened the system. It is important to know that there is no need for natural man to conspire(organize) resistance to change. Natural man acts in his own self interest when he defends the system. He is protecting his own identity. Natural man cannot separate himself from that which he has fabricated. By protecting the system he is protecting himself.


We will now examine a number of instances of falsification, so that we can clearly see how natural man has fabricated his own imaginary world. Science is the process whereby man studies his environment and systematically explains that which he observes. Because natural man is deluded, it follows that the results of his scientific endeavors will have to be at variance with reality. In other words his explanations (theories) are false. These falsehoods are reinforced by the education system, maintained by the media, and protected by natural man. What we have is a viscous circle that is perpetuated from generation to generation.


From time to time a spiritual man makes his mark on history. One such a person was Pythagoras of Samos (582-500 BC). Pythagoras believed that the universe is structured in an orderly manner and that it is possible for man to comprehend the nature of things. He believed that there is a rational explanation for everything, and that there is no place for irrationality in a harmonious world. "Pythagoras, however, is generally credited with the theory of the functional significance of numbers in the objective world, and in music"(EB).


Unfortunately none of Pythagoras' original writings survived. " It is difficult to distinguish Pythagoras' teachings from those of his disciples. None of his writings has survived, and Pythagoreans invariably supported their doctrines by indiscriminately citing their master's authority "(EB). Had Pythagoras been alive today he would scoff at those who proclaim the existence of irrationals by using the idea of  incommensurability as an excuse. The idea of incommensurability is a myth dating back to Hippasus (450 BC). To this day the idea of incommensurability is still accepted by natural man as a reality.


Incommensurability is the idea that when using a ruler (measuring stick), there will be certain extensions within the scope of the ruler, which will not be measurable. The reason given for this is that certain extensions will fall in between the markings on the ruler, ie. there are gaps(holes) along the extension. This is a classical example of natural man's delusion. Because natural man's perception of reality is distorted he 'measures' by focusing on non-extension (the markings on the ruler) instead of using the extension of the ruler as a standard.


In reality the standard of measurement is extension, the means by which we measure is the ruler. The accuracy of measurement will be dependent on the number of divisions on the ruler. The more divisions there are the more precise(accurate) will the measurement be. Using a ruler with a three hundred millimeter division, it is possible to measure any extension between one and three hundred millimeters, within an accuracy of one millimeter. There is no extension between one and three hundred millimeters that is incommensurable with the given ruler.


One of the first historical figures to demonstrate that there is something amiss with natural man mental process, was Zeno of Elea (495-430 BC). Zeno was a student of Parmenides. Parmenides rejected the idea of plurality(duality) and believed that "all is one". Zeno proposed four different paradoxes in defense of his master. Zeno's second paradox is known as " Archilles and the Tortoise ". This paradox clearly shows how the deluded mind of natural man works.


The paradox is stated as follows: A race is run with two contenders, Achilles the hare, and the tortoise. The tortoise is given a head start in order to level the playing field. The race is started and in the time it takes the hare to get to the position where the tortoise was at the start, the tortoise would have moved forward some distance. This is repeated, and the outcome is that the hare cannot catch the tortoise. We know that the hare will pass the tortoise and therefore we know that there is an error in the basic premise, and consequently in the subsequent reasoning.

Natural man looks at the above statement and comes to the following conclusion: " But the baffling thing is, although it is contradicted by the commonest actions in everybody's life, Zeno's point is logically unassailable. There is no technical flaw in his reasoning." The truth is that there is a complete lack of logic in the statement, and because the statement is based on a false premise, it has to lead to a false conclusion. According to natural man, the problem can only be resolved by the use of the calculus. (ie. a false premise corrective mechanism)


The mind of natural man nullifies the head start and consequently introduces a false premise. The false premise is this : 'in the time it takes the hare to get to the position where the tortoise was at the start of the race.... '. The hare is already at the position where the tortoise was before the head start was given. We cannot just eliminate(nullify) the head start from the equation and expect to solve the problem. The moment that the race starts, the hare begins to deplete the head start. Soon as the head start is depleted the hare will pass the tortoise. The final result will be determined by the length of the track, the head start, and the the respective velocities of the hare and the tortoise.


Has anything changed since Zeno ? The system of then, is no different than the system of now. The system has not changed, and consequently the blunders continue. There has been great technological progress in the last century, and yet the underlying theories are false. Natural man has visited the moon, and to top it off, man launched an out of focus telescope into earth orbit. What is the connection between landing a man on the moon, and constructing an out of focus telescope ? The connection is this; on landing a man on the moon, the scientists relied on a error correcting feedback system to reach their destination, and in building the telescope, man relied on science, without incorporating an error correcting feedback system, to shape the telescope lens. Consequently the lens was flawed.


We will now go back a hundred years and examine some major blunders in the field of science. The first blunder came at the turn of the previous century, the introduction of the special and general theories of relativity. This was soon to be followed by the theory of the so-called 'quantum mechanics', and more recently the fallacy of the so-called 'big bang', the rationalization for the origin of the universe. Natural man cannot learn from his mistakes, he can only repeat them. Until such time as natural man's reason is restored, he will continue fabricating false theories, to correct his false premises.


In his book entitled: " RELATIVITY: The special and general theory ", Einstein takes an example of a man dropping a stone from a moving train. Two people observe the event, one person observes the event from the embankment, and the other person, the one who drops the stone, from the carriage. Now according to Einstein, and I quote him word for word:
'The stone traverses a straight line relative to a system of co-ordinates rigidly attached to the carriage, but relative to a system of co-ordinates attached to the ground (embankment) it describes a parabola. With the aid of this example it is clearly seen that there is no such thing as an independently existing trajectory (lit." path-curve ") but only a trajectory relative to a particular body of reference.'

The reality is that both observers are in the same(real) world, and that both observers will plot the same path for the falling stone. The stone follows an independent existing trajectory, describing a parabola, regardless of the particular body of reference. This is what happens in the real world, and what happens in the real world, is what real science is all about.


Because of Einstein's distorted perception of reality, he comes to the conclusion that the same stone can follow two paths. In order for his observation to conform with reality, he had no choice but to formulate a false theory to correct his false premise. Einstein commits the unpardonable sin of nullifying the 'moving earth'. According to him the movement of the stone is relative to the stationary earth and moving train, or, to the stationary train and moving earth. This seems strange, however, even if we accept this premise, why does he then disregard the 'moving' earth when the carriage is the frame of reference? Surely if the man on the embankment plots the path of the stone on his co-ordinate system, the path will be the same path that the man in the carriage plots on his co-ordinate system. When the man in the carriage let's go of the stone, the stone is earth bound and it 'moves' to the earth, independent of the carriage.

The special theory of relativity leads to all kinds of irrational conclusions. In his book "Science at the Crossroad's" Herbert Dingle outlined the impossibility of two clocks, both running slower than each other. One of the many false conclusions derived from the special theory of relativity.


The second major blunder that followed the fabrication of special relativity is the idea of quantum mechanics. There can be no better example than quantum mechanics to illustrate the irrationality of natural man. The idea that gave birth to quantum mechanics is the so-called twin slit experiment. There is no need to go into the details of the experiment, all we need to do to expose the chaos, is to examine the components which make up the experiment, and the resulting conclusion. The duality of the natural mindset is clearly seen in this 'experiment'.

The experiment consists of the following: a source; a particle and a non-particle(wave), a restriction; a barrier and a non-barrier(slit in the barrier), an observer and a non-observer(somebody that is not looking i.e. a ghost) The conclusions drawn from this 'experiment' is that chaos prevails, which should not be surprising, the duality is clear. Supposedly the two-slit experiment shows that at the sub atomic level, the rules of nature (cause and effect) is replaced by randomness(non cause and effect). The innocent reader may see this as a joke, I can assure him this is modern science.


And so a debate comes to an abrupt end. The harvest is ripe, the time has come for the curse to be removed. The Kingdom of God is established. This world is judged, the time has come for reason to be restored. Natural man has had his day, his house is built on sand, and now it is crumbling. Nobody can stop the looming disaster. Soon it will be the dawning of a new day, a new beginning, the end to all the misery and suffering on earth.

"Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place."

" O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called. " 

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